China: Man keeps working hard to pay debt of parents, but his father turns out to be billionaire

Achieving any goal in life requires hard work and dedication. To make one’s dreams come true, one has to work hard and with enthusiasm. Recently, the story of a such young man came to light from China which is gaining a lot of attention. Zhang Zilong, a student from China, was thinking of working after graduation so that he could gradually help his family repay the debt. But later he got a shock of crores.

Zhang Zilong was living an ordinary life. Lived in a simple flat, and recently he completed his graduation. After graduation, he was thinking of doing a job so that he could gradually help his family in repaying the loan. But later he comes to know that his father is very rich, he is a billionaire and he is a family business.

According to online sources, Zhang Zilong’s father’s name is Zhang Yudong. The company he founded and runs is entitled Hunan spicy gluten latiao brand Mala Prince. The annual turnover of this company is 600 million yuan (about Rs 693 crore). This brand was created in the same year when Zhang Jr. was born.

Zhang Zilong said in an interview that his father lied to him for 20 years. He was told about the company but was also told that a huge loan had been taken to run the company. The family is drowned in debt. Therefore the financial condition of the family is not good. Therefore, without using the wealth of the family, Zilong took admission to secondary school in Changsha, the capital of Hunan. Later graduated from a university. Even after this, his dream was to earn 6,000 yuan (Rs 70,224) per month and gradually pay off the family debt.

Zilong said that his father lied to him so that he could achieve success through hard work. His father did not want him to live like a ‘fuer d ai’. In Chinese it means “second generation rich.” Now Zilong has started working in the e-commerce department of his father’s company. Here his colleagues treat him like any employee.

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