Durg: Couples demand Oyo rooms from BJP MLA, “he went to raid Parks

A unique case has come to light in the Durg district of Chhattisgarh where the local couple has demanded an Oyo room from a BJP MLA. Sen was seen chasing away couples from the park, leading some of them to demand the reopening of Oyo Rooms for their privacy needs. A video of this is going viral on social media.

BJP MLA Rikesh Sen was caught on camera disrupting the meeting of couples in a park in his constituency. On reaching the park, Sen claimed that he had received complaints of couples indulging in “indecent activities” there. In the viral video, Sen is seen interrogating the couples about their activities, to which one man replies, “We came to spend time and interact, you closed Oyo so we have come to the park “

MLA Rikesh Sen shared a Facebook post to give a strong message, “I want to give a message to everyone through this video that any type of public place like a park, which is meant for children to play and adults. The stroll should not be used by the youth to spread obscenity.”

Sen claimed that he has received complaints from local people, urging him to take action against such activities in the park. He warned that their behavior could influence others and stressed the importance of maintaining decorum in public places. In the video, he advised young couples to focus on their education and future and urged them to fulfill the dreams of their parents.

The viral video has become the center of discussion on social media. Users have got to see funny content on which everyone is making funny comments. Many users are impressed by the words of MLA Rikesh Sen and are also appreciating him by sharing their views.

A user writes, ‘Such MLAs should be there in every area.’

Another user writes, ‘Right brother. That means you can’t even love in the country, anyway, we have a lot of restrictions here.

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