only to protest against BJP, Kerala Congress youths chop off innocent calf in front of kids

Some Kerala Youth Congress workers publicly butchered an 18 month old calf, on an open vehicle in Kannur on Saturday, while protesting against the nationwide ban on Cow slaughtering imposed by the central government. They also gave the meat of the animal, to the people who were present there.

President of BJP’s Kerala unit, Kummanam Rajasekharan said it was “cruelty at its peak” and tweeted the video of the inhuman act perpetrated during a so called ‘Beef Festival’, organized by the Left and the Congress. The video went viral, and there was an outrage on social media, with hashtag #गऊ_हत्यारी_Congress trending on Twitter.

Kummanam Rajasekharan also said, that DYFI, Congress and CPI(M) are becoming ‘butchers’ and people should watch out for them. “In the name of protests against the cattle sale ban, animals are being slaughtered and protests staged with blood stained head of the butchered animal. Is it something a normal person does?” he asked during a press conference on the issue.


District General Secretary of BJP’s youth wing BJYM: C C Ratheesh filed a complaint against Rijil Makkutty, a Youth Congress worker, and others under Section 120 A of the Kerala Police Act, on Sunday. The police had to register the case, after the act was condemned by people across the country.

But the main accused Congress worker Rijil Makkutty today spoke to a TV channel, and said “We don’t regret our act. This was done as part of our protest.” It clearly shows that he doesn’t feel any remorse for his uncivilized behaviour.

It was really painful to see how brutally the poor calf was hauled for being butchered. It doesn’t matter what these Congress and Left workers were protesting against, such kinds of political protests are simply unacceptable. The incident also points out the hypocrisy of the Congress party, which made the death of a police horse ‘Shaktimaan’, an issue during this year’s assembly elections in Uttarakhand.

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