Elephant goes crazy, throws away bikes and autos on road

A video from Kerala is going viral on social media. A strange and horrifying incident shocked people when an elephant, deviating from its natural habit, came down on the road and started throwing bikes and autos. This unusual and extremely dangerous incident forced the people walking on the roads to face scary situations.

A video has surfaced on social media platforms depicting a situation involving a pet elephant. It is uncertain whether this incident occurred recently or some time ago. The footage shows the elephant becoming agitated during a procession. In Kerala, elephants are frequently adorned with elaborate decorations and showcased during festive events. However, these decorations, combined with the crowded and hot environment, can provoke irritation in the animals, leading them to lash out at people and objects nearby.

According to the viral video, in this case, we can see two persons sitting on the top of the elephant. There are many vehicles parked next to the road. The elephant pushes a bike and drags it on the ground. After some time, the elephant picks up a bike with the help of its tusks and tries to throw it away.

However, the handle of the bike got stuck between the teeth and this made the elephant even more angry. He started shaking his head vigorously to throw the scooter away. While trying to do so, the elephant collides with an auto-rickshaw next to the bike. The elephant completely destroyed the roof of the auto, throwing both the auto and the scooter into the air. It lifts autos and scooters with such ease that it seems as if they are made of cardboard or thermocol.

The viral video was shared on Instagram named Monuz. The viral video received over 18 million views and over 500 lakh likes. Social media users were quite shocked after watching the video. After watching the video, users expressed their views and shared many reactions.

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