Woman officer says “you guys ride the sports bikes to impress girls around”

Recently a Lady Singham video is going viral on social media! A female police officer apprehends a minor riding a bike without a license. Due to not having a driving license, the police stopped him and while inquiring about legal action, this video goes viral due to some of the things Lady Singham said to him.

This video shows three lady officers caught two boys riding bikes. The policemen stopped them and asked them for their license. However, he did not have any license and was not wearing a helmet. The policemen shown in the video sternly threatened the youth and said, you are underage, this bike will not drive, you people come on this bike to show the girls, we all understand. If you keep such things in mind then how will you study if you think about the rates?

To escape from the police, the youth takes the help of lies and says that he has turned 18 years old. Then Lady Singham asks him to show his license and Aadhar card but he does not have it. The lady Singham asks which class he is in. He replies saying 11. Then the policewoman says, a child of class eleven is not 18 years old, you are lying. You come on this bike just to show the girls.

According to the law, driving scooters and cars by persons under 18 years of age has been banned for a long time. According to an IANS report, parents who allow their children to drive scooters or cars face three years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs 25,000. Laws should not be violated and allow underage children to drive cars and bikes without a license. Laws are always made for the safety of people but often people themselves violate them, which is very wrong.

Ara News has shared the viral video on Facebook. The viral video has been viewed by millions of people. Seeing this incident, social media users are also giving various reactions.

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