After losing to Congress, BJP CM Shivraj travels by motorcycles, trains with common people

The longest-serving former Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan, who used to travel by chopper or private jets during his 15 year-service as chief ministership, is now meeting the citizens riding on a bike, train or on road.

After losing power at the hands of Congress, Chauhan has increased his fan-following and was also seen interacting with common people as well. In the last few days, he has been seen travelling in the train, celebrating a birthday on road with supporters and also riding a motorcycle to reach a village.

Credits: ET screengrab

A day ago, Shivraj left his group and took a bike ride to travel by road to meet common people in a village. A massive crowd gathered to see the former CM on the bike. After reaching the gathering site, villagers then lifted Shivraj on shoulders.

A day before, Shivraj travelled through train from Bhopal to Bina. When people saw it, they took selfies with former CM. Not just that! He also went to a night shelter in the capital city Bhopal and then celebrated a birthday of his supporter on road.

Interestingly, he has also changed his Twitter handle to describe himself as ‘The Common Man of Madhya Pradesh’. Just after resigning, Shivraj wrote on his Twitter profile, “X Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, India” but then he changed it to the common man of Madhya Pradesh.

Speaking at a public rally of late, he had said he will keep up his active interaction with the public. “Nobody needs to worry what will happen. I am still here. Tiger Abhi Zinda Hai (Tiger is still alive),” he said, evoking the title of a Salman Khan-starrer Bollywood film.

(With inputs from ET)

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