Life story of Amitabh Bachchan, Once a radio channel rejected him for poor voice

The uncrowned king of Bollywood, a superstar like never before, Amitabh Bachchan’s rise to the elite level of the film industry is an inspiring story which everyone should know. Now, he’s the greatest actor of all time in Indian film history but life was very difficult once for the “Angry Youngman of Bollywood”, who had to face many physical and mental tortures throughout his life.

Picture Source: Zee News

Those were the initial days during his quest to get a job and earn some money. Two reasons which always halted his progress to become a famous personality in the film fraternity was his height and voice. A radio channel where he desperately wanted to work auditioned for a voice test but was rejected.

He had to wait for a long time to get an opportunity in films and after getting an opportunity, he had to wait ages to get a good hit film. “Saath Hindustani”, a superhit film which came in 1969 gave great recognition to Bachchan and that kick started his journey towards stardom exactly at a time where he was contemplating to give up.

Films like Anand and Zanjeer then catapulted his fame and income drastically and suddenly, he was the most loved actor in the country. Top notch performance in Zanjeer earned him the tag “Angry Youngman” and he just went up and above from there on.

But even during his successful days, things were not very easy for Bachchan. He always tried to give his hundred percent whilst shooting for films and he used to do his stunts by himself. In 1982 Amitabh had a near death experience, the doctors and his family had lost hopes after he met with an accident on the sets of the movie ‘Coolie’.

But miraculously, he recovered and Coolie became one of the biggest hits of all time in Indian cinema history. Many other films like Laawaris, Satte Pe Satta, Don, Sholay, Deewar immortalized him and the number of fans he’s earned over the time period is mind boggling.

An absolute legend of our country, Amitabh Bachchan has inspired us a lot with his humble nature, hard work and perseverance. He always said Change is the nature of life, but challenge is the aim of life. So always challenge the changes not change the challenges. Well, we might have many superstars in the time to come, but we’ll never get another Amitabh Bachchan.

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