Meet the real life “Bhajrangi Bhaijaan” who is Massiha for poor people of his city

How far can someone go to help the needy? Well, its hard to come to a conclusion on that but the story of Abhishek Chauhan, the man termed as the “Real Life Bhajrangi Bhaijaan”, has come to aid thousands of poor people by providing them free food from the last one year.

Abhishek Chauhan runs a bank by the name “Manavta”, which funds all these food-providing campaigns on auspicious occasions like festivals. This indeed is a brilliant initiative from the resident of Allahabad as shortage of food for the poor has been one of the biggest problems that we’re facing currently.

The name “Manavta” itself embodies their motive, to spread the essence of humanity and helping people understand the joy of sharing and caring. Manavta has become incredibly popular in the city of Allahabad and The Youth team had the privilege to get in touch with the man himself, Abhishek Chauhan and he shared his intentions and future ambitions with us.

“Manavta is a bank that was established to help the poor and fund food to all those who need it. An all India network of Manavta bank is helping in not just supplying food, but also helping the poor get clothes and proper shelter to live in. It’s always better to donate these things to the poor than giving them away at the Mosque or Church,” said Mr. Chauhan.

“The World’s hunger is getting ridiculous. The number of fruits existing in the shampoo bottle of a rich person is more than that of the food that exists on a poor man’s plate. We all are gods sons and daughters and we have equal rights to access things,” he added.

Quite a cruel world we are living in at this point of time, where people have enough time to shed blood and fight it out against each other for stupid reasons but there’s no scope for humanity. A person who comes up with negative ideas ends up earning a lot of money and fame whereas people with good motives are not getting the encouragement they deserve.

We at the Youth try to spread love and humanity through our articles and share these incredible stories like that of Mr. Abhishek Chauhan with all our fellow Indians across the world. What Abhishek Chauhan is doing is really an inspiration to many and we need to encourage people like him to ensure such good causes don’t go in vain.

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