Watch: two men making reels on bike, meet a big accident- one allegedly died and other in serious condition

Nowadays, the craze of reels on social media has increased to such an extent that everyone is making videos, and it has proved fatal for some people. Recently, a case came to light where two men were shooting a video on a moving bike, and the driver was more focused on the phone camera, a terrible accident happened in which one man died on the spot and the other was badly injured.

Such accidents have become common these days, where people go to dangerous places to make reels or do life-threatening acts and become victims of accidents. Similarly, a video rapidly goes viral on social media, when two men start making a video on a moving bike. First, the person sitting behind records the video with a selfie camera. After this, the person driving the vehicle also looks at the phone camera. Both the youths can be seen saying something on the camera and neither paid attention to the road ahead. Meanwhile, his bike gets unbalanced and goes off the road.

This is not the first case, such cases have come to the fore before. Nowadays, the addiction to reels has increased so much among people that despite knowing everything, they do such dangerous acts by putting their own lives at risk. Using the phone while driving a car or bike is harmful, now people have also started making videos of moving vehicles, which everyone knows how dangerous it is proving to be for people.

In the video, there’s footage of an accident occurring on the Dhule-Solapur Highway in Maharashtra. Reports indicate one died and another person was seriously injured. The video has gone viral on social media, sparking reactions from viewers who are criticizing the recklessness depicted in the footage and questioning the motives behind such risky actions for social media content.

A user writes, that people are willing to lose their lives but will not stop making reels.

Another user writes the driver should be like the bike is on autopilot, let’s make a reel.

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