Thief stabs a 12yr old kid 26 times in his body, the boy caught him red-handed

A disturbing incident has emerged from Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, where a 12-year-old boy was brutally stabbed 26 times. The child, in an act of bravery, attempted to thwart a theft by Arbaaz, a neighboring drug addict. Arbaaz, in a fit of rage, viciously attacked the boy and fled the scene, presuming him dead. At the time of the assault, no one else was present in the house.

According to media reports, this incident took place in the Ungarh Toriya area of the Civil Line police station area of Chhatarpur. Where on Friday (15 March 2024) a young man named Arbaaz entered the neighbor’s house with the intention of stealing. At that time, 12-year-old child Samar was present at home. When Samar stopped Arbaaz from stealing, Arbaaz attacked Samar with a knife 26 times. Not only this, when Arbaaz ran away from the house, considering Samar dead, he put a cloth over him so that no one could see the trace of blood and he got time to escape.

In this attack, the child suffered serious injuries to his neck, stomach, head, and chest. The family took the child to the hospital, seeing his serious condition the doctors referred him to Gwalior. Samar’s lungs have also been damaged in this attack. It is being told that Arbaaz is a drug addict and has committed many incidents of theft. Arbaaz’s age is said to be around 20 years.

As soon as information about this incident was received, SP Amit Sanghi also reached the spot. He has talked about strict action against the accused Arbaaz. At the same time, the police have registered a case against the accused Arbaaz Khan at the Civil Lines police station. However, Arbaaz is still absconding and the police are busy searching for him. After this horrific incident, local authorities have appealed to all citizens to remain alert and aware of their surrounding environment. They are also requesting people to immediately inform the police if they see any suspicious activities.

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