Man kills self by cutting his throat with knife, as wife leaves him

Suicide is an extremely tragic and worrying phenomenon that causes deep shock in society. Recently, a café operator man committed suicide in his own home and the reason for this was depression. He got married only a month ago, but he did not succeed in getting out of the problems and pressures of life.

The deceased has been identified as 35-year-old Sandeep Chowk. His father’s name is Sant Kumar Chokse. Sandeep Bhanwar lived in Anurag Apartment of Bhagwan Din Nagar under the Kua Police Station area. Sandeep was the operator of a jail restaurant. According to the information, Sandeep got married only a month ago. His wife had left him two days ago. And being upset with this, he committed suicide by slitting his throat in his own house.

According to online sources, ‘A suicide note was found near Sandeep’s body in which he had written sorry to his wife. Police are investigating the matter and the body has been sent for post-mortem. Sources also reveal that the deceased was also going through depression. According to Sub Inspector Neelmani Thakur, who arrived at the scene, the incident appears to be a family dispute.

Depression is a mental illness that makes a person feel sad, dissatisfied, and hopeless. It can negatively affect an individual’s emotional health and lead to suicide. The suicide of cafe operator Sandeep shows that there is a need for understanding and support regarding mental health. Coping with depression can be a large and complex process, and lack of support can make a person feel even more alone.

The tragic suicide of Sandeep Chowk underscores the critical importance of fostering a compassionate and understanding society, particularly when it comes to mental health. Depression is a complex and challenging condition, and individuals navigating it require not only personal strength but also the support of those around them. Promoting awareness, empathy, and accessible mental health resources is crucial in preventing such devastating outcomes and providing a lifeline for those struggling with mental health issues.

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