Sikhs feed leftist protestors who are looting malls; violating social distancing in COVID-19 crisis

Sikhs make the headlines for all the right reasons. They are well known for their humanitarian work for refugees all over the world. Whenever there is a problem, the real heroes emerge as saviours for the victims.

Whenever there is a problem or an emergency situation, ‘Sikh Community’ steps forward to help the people (who are affected by Delhi riots, Australian bushfires, pandemic in the world, cyclones, floods etc.) Sikh Charity provides food to hungry and homeless people.

Meanwhile, as the protests rage in the United States over the murder of George Floyd, the Sikh community was again at the forefront, feeding people with langar. However, this noble act during this coronavirus crisis isn’t fair because it is against the social distancing norms.

In a gurdwara in Queens village, as many as 30 cooks have made and served more than 145,000 free meals in just 10 weeks, The New York Times reported. They offered food to New York City hospital workers including the ones in poverty and others who are in search of a hot meal.

Gurdwaras like the Sikh Center of New York in Queens Village, are moving their large-scale cooking resources in order to meet the need for food aid outside the places of worship, the report adds.

Meanwhile, some members of the community are feeding the protesters who are marching in outrage against the killing of George Floyd and also atrocities against African-Amercians.

“Where we see peaceful protest, we are going,” The New York Times quoted Himmat Singh, as saying.

Himmat Singh is a coordinator at the World Sikh Parliament, an advocacy group offering volunteers for the Queens Village efforts. “We are looking for justice. We support this,” he added.

“The ”Sewa” or service provided by the Sikh volunteers is a vegetarian meal comprising of dry fruits, rice, and lentils. The meals were prepared and were packaged and loaded for delivery. Volunteers who prepared and packaged the meal had a medical check and have been approved by physicians and health authorities,” ANI quoted Himmat Singh, coordinator of the American Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee (east coast) as saying.