114 yr old Mumbai’s Taj Hotel rated better than Eiffel Tower and Opera House- Proud Moment

The beauty of Architecture reflects on picturesque looks of the end result. From a snippet of brick to a completely designed and well-constructed building, architecture plays a substantial role. As years go by, there have been advancements in the field of Architecture.

Taking a glimpse of the buildings, they are not like before as they are being constructed with vital improvisations in terms of precision, accuracy, planning, design, style, structure and supervision. An architect, who is in charge of all these prime factors, makes the plan and implements it in such a way that Masons pick up things to build and go about their business.

Taj Mahal Palace (Credits: HuffPost)

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

The popular iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai has a reputation as a picturesque building of the nation that was built in 1903. It is highly regarded as “Heritage five-star hotel” in the Colaba region. It is well known for its candid looks and it is always glad to see people turning up there not just to taste food but to take pictures and spend some quality time.

The good news for Indiansi is that the iconic Taj Mahal is conferred with a trademark. This means that the defined 114-year-old building is the first in India to get such a registration. They were trying really hard to get it registered and it took the company over seven months to get the structure registered.

The hotel, which has been an ultimate highlight of Mumbai’s skyline, has joined the elite and small club of trademarked properties in the world comprising the Empire State Building in New York, Sydney Opera House and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This property is estimated to be around Rs 2,391 crores.

“We have done this to protect the distinctiveness of the building. Nowadays, most of the hotels are cookie-cutters. There are not many which are designed differently,” said Rajendra Misra, general counsel of Indian Hotels Company (IHCL), which successfully runs the Taj Mahal Palace.

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