Hats off to this Heroic firefighter – He saved three Children from a burning house

A firefighter is a person who saves human lives as well as valuable properties putting his own life at risk, either voluntarily  or by occupation. He gets into heroic acts to tackle fires and rescue people and animals from dangerous situations. We can fairly describe him as a real hero.

In a recent destructive incident, Roben Duge who is extensively trained in firefighting proved that he is capable of rescuing three lives from a burning house in Brooklyn in New York. Unsurprisingly. It turned out to be an absolute heroic act in an emergency situation. Preliminary investigation suggests that A child playing downstairs in the basement inadvertently ignited the fire.

Off-duty firefighter Roben Duge (DAVID WEXLER/FOR NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

Sparked by a small ball of fire and eventually turn to mammoth flames, the child was literally frightened that she couldn’t explain to her grandmother. The flames got widespread all over the area immediately. Gallant fire-fighter Duge off duty and was heading back home from the subway. He suddenly came across something fishy as he noticed the thick black smoke pouring out of his neighbour’s house.

As soon as he came to know something was really wrong, he rushed to the spot where he saw the smoke coming up from the building. The brave fire-fighter showed his bravery to the world. He heroically entered the house and pulled two kids and grandmother out at the drop of the hat. Roben Duge’s wife Crystal Duge was highly impressed by her husband’s daring act.

“It’s just who he is,” she said Friday. “He’s Superman.” “He ran into the house and he just pulled the kids and (the grandmother) and pulled them out,” said Duquan Williams, 27, father of the rescued children. “Good thing he’s there when it happened.”

However, Roben Duge said that he did his duty. “I’m not a hero, I’m just reacting off instinct,” he said. “When I heard the kids screaming, it hit home,” Duge told the Daily News. “I thought, ‘If I can only get in deep enough’ — and I don’t have any gear, and I don’t know how dangerous it is.”

The grandmother Linda Mitchell said, “I live to see another day.” She showered praises on the brave fire-fighter and said that “He helped me out. And that was a blessing … He did what he had to do.”

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