Ravi Ashwin gives a Smart Reply to Michael Vaughan on X, catch details

Ravichandran Ashwin is quite a prominent figure on social media. His presence on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube has made him a well-followed personality beyond the cricket field.

He has a YouTube channel by the name “Ashwin” where he actively interviews former cricketers every now and then. Overall, he has 1.54 million subscribers as of July 4, 2024. In his channel, he shares a variety of content, including cricket analysis, interviews with fellow cricketers, and discussions on various topics related to the sport.

Ravi Ashwin gives a Smart Reply to Michael Vaughan on X, catch details

His channel has gained popularity for its engaging content and Ashwin’s ability to break down complex aspects of cricket in an easy-to-understand manner. His interviews often provide fans with unique insights into the minds of some of the biggest names in cricket.

Ravi Ashwin gives a Smart Reply to Michael Vaughan on X

The veteran all-rounder is known for his insightful and often witty tweets. He shares his thoughts on cricket, comments on current events, and engages with fans and fellow cricketers.

His tweets reflect his analytical mind, often providing deeper insights into the game and its nuances. Ashwin is also not afraid to speak his mind on social issues, making his Twitter feed a blend of sports and social commentary.

Recently when India reached the T20 World Cup 2024 final, former England captain Michael Vaughan took to his official X handle and wrote, “India throughly deserve to be in the final .. The best team in tournament so far .. Was always going to hard for England on this pitch .. India just so much better on lower slower spinning pitches .. #T20IWorldCup.”

To which, Ravi Ashwin replied, ∫ 1 dx = x + C. ∫ a dx = ax+ C. ∫ xn dx = ((xn+1)/(n+1))+C ; n≠1. Hence, India won. 🤝”

Team India beat South Africa by 7 runs in a thrilling showdown in Barbados to win their second T20 World Cup 2024 title. Rohit Sharma won his first T20 World Cup as a captain and India ended the ICC title drought after 11 years.