Mother abandons her husband and 5 kids and elopes with boyfriend

Recently a unique love story has come to light from Jaisalmer. A married woman fell in love with a young man online. She crossed all limits that she left her 5 kids and husband and went to Gujarat with her lover and started living in a live-in relationship. Now when the matter reached the police, the woman said that she wanted to live with her lover and was fed up with her husband.

According to online sources, the woman used to make reels on Instagram, she had about 40 thousand followers. She met with Bhimaram online. Their friendship blossomed into love, prompting the woman to leave her family and relocate to Gujarat with her newfound partner. They chose to live together in a live-in relationship.

Nemi Devi left her husband’s house on some pretext and went with her lover. After her sudden disappearance, her husband complained of his missing wife at the Sadar police station in Jaisalmer. The police started searching for Nemi Devi. On Monday, Nemi Devi appeared at the Police Station with her lover.

Nemi Devi shared that she has five children, but her marriage was marred by her husband’s abusive behavior and constant suspicion. Fed up with the turmoil, she connected with Bhimaram on Instagram. Their online interactions blossomed into a relationship, and they decided to be together. Now, they wish to marry and live together.

Bhimaram recounted that they exchanged phone numbers while chatting on Instagram and soon fell in love. They began living together in a live-in relationship in Palanpur, Gujarat. However, their families filed missing person reports, after which the incident came to light.

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