This Madarsa Maulana is a huge fan of CM Yogi, this goes viral

Politics and religion have been controversial issues in India for a long time. Leaders of political parties and those advocating for social and religious development have been engaged in a prolonged struggle, which sometimes takes on a dangerous form.

This religious-political controversy religious-political controversies, which has produced considerable commotion, is expressed in the recent action taken against the Maulana of a madrasa in Uttar Pradesh. In a widely shared video, the Maulana responds vehemently to Owaisi. In a way, it appears that this Maulana is a huge Yogi Adityanath admirer.

In the video, Maulana says that Muslims are afraid of Yogi ji, afraid of bulldozers, afraid of UP police, but the one who is afraid is Aziz Qureshi, not a Muslim. He is expressing his fear. This is socialism infiltrated with accusations. This is the socialism in which corruption has entered.

This is socialism in which vote rigging has taken place. Owaisi and Akhilesh have been called traitors. They want to cheat the Muslims. They say, “Make him the deputy Chief minister, but when there is no MLA, how can he become the deputy Chief minister? The result is that both Owaisi and Akhilesh are frauds.

Owaisi says that Muslims are oppressed and will seek revenge. But the Maulana has given a direct response to this as well. Muslims have been oppressed, he says, “Modi and Yogi will leave. “If he does not say this, then how will the public get confused? That is why they say Yogi should go to his monastery and Modi should go to the hills. That’s why their bail will be revoked, and then Owaisi and Akhilesh will disappear. Right now, Owaisi and Akhilesh are visible, but by 2027, there will be no sign of the bicycle or the hand symbol. Just as their riots have been destroyed in Uttar Pradesh, there will be a destruction of this as well. What did they give to Uttar Pradesh from January 1950 to March 2017? Only two airports were given during British rule when Akhilesh stepped down from his chair. And when Yogi Ji took charge in 2017, he has provided 24 airports in just 5 years.

Maulana says Yogi Ji will not be the one to go into the monastery by 2027. He will remain seated on the throne of Lucknow. Yogi Ji has developed our state. Whereas Congress has caused destruction and filled the pockets of their relatives. Yogi Ji is a karma yogi who has provided 1,800 crore free vaccines. Aziz Quraishi is saying that Muslims are living in fear, but that is not the case. Since Yogi Ji came, Muslims have been living in peace, they are prosperous, fearless, and have no fear of riots. But Aziz Quraishi is afraid. He is expressing his fear.”

Sweta Dagar is an avid reader and writer. She hails from Bulandshahr (U.P) where she completed her formap education. She loves exploring varieties of topics that shape the public opinion at large. If you have any queries, feel free to contact her at [email protected].