Telangana student secures 99/100 but Teacher awards 0 and gets sacked by the School

Almost every student face during their schooling or college days is exam results fear. Even the ones who don’t pray to God would offer sincere prayers to the almighty in the hope that they should somehow pass the exams.

When the results are announced, students would get numbness as they hesitate to check their marks. There isn’t anything to worry when you give absolutely everything in the exam as you would be expecting positive results considering the fact that you have presented the paper well.

Credits: IndiaTimes

What scares some students the most is getting unexpected results despite writing everything correctly. One such incident happened in Telangana which took the whole nation by a shock.

A teacher named Uma Devi in Telangana gave a student of class 12 identified as Navya – ‘zero marks’ in Intermediate Examination when she scored 99 marks in the first place.

Telangana Board of Intermediate suspended the teacher after which it imposed a fine of Rs 5,000 on her. The teacher has also been sacked by the school.

The board suspended another teacher Vijay Kumar, who was serving as the examiner for failing to notice such a huge error.

Each year, students commit suicide for failing exams. After 20 students committed suicide and protests started, the government was forced to order a re-evaluation of over three lakh answer sheets of students who failed the exam.