If I tell your secrets, you all will be exposed: Angry Deep Sidhu threatens Farmer leaders

Ever since the three farm bills were passed in both the houses of the Parliament, farmers have been holding several protests around the Delhi borders. Protest doesn’t seem to be getting over in the national capital.

In the aftermath of the Republic Day violence and the public anger over the Red Fort attack, the farmer union leaders are desperately trying to blame each other and escape legal action. The Khalistani supporter Deep Sidhu was the only ‘known face’ present at the Red Fort, he became the first target of union leaders, opposition parties due to his alleged association with a BJP MP in the past.

Irked by the plethora of blames being thrown at him, Khalistani secessionist Sidhu has released a video statement on his official Facebook Page. In his statement, Sidhu said that he is being targeted because he was the only one who was there at Red Fort. The farmers who came with tractors to march inside Delhi were not happy with the farmer leaders as they bent in front of the police and decided to choose the route decided by the police, Sidhu has claimed.

He further said that only 3000 farmers went on the decided route and the rest of them entered without any union leader. No leader who provoked the farmers was present at Red Fort that fueled the chaos. He alleged that he tried to alleviate the situation and police also appreciated them for being non-violent. He said that farmers did not hit anyone or destroyed any property. He said everyone is calling him anti-national. “If I am anti-national, every protester present at the Red Fort was anti-national,” he added.

At 14:00 minutes, he said that he is keeping quiet as he does not want to break the bond. No one is standing with him and blaming him for everything. At 15:35 minutes, he further alleged that the government would try to pin everything on him because of the statements made by farmer leaders. If he starts to talk about the dark secrets of the union leaders, they will not find any space to hide. He said, “The one who runs needs the land, and the one who flies needs the sky. Now I want both. The moment I come across any of the union leaders, I will not spare them. Remember, I will not spare them.”

Notably, Delhi Police has registered case against Deep Sidhu among other leaders. Many of the Congress leaders and their supporters, who had earlier hailed Sidhu as a hero, are now trying to paint him as a ‘BJP agent’ to whitewash the complicity of so-called ‘farmer leaders’ behind the violence.

Dharam Sikarwar
Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.