5 proofs: these evidences show ill intention behind farmers’ protest to boil Delhi

India is primarily an agricultural country. More than 75% of the population depends on agriculture. Farmers are the backbone of the nation. Without them, we cannot survive.

In the latest news, farmers across several states are holding protests against the three farm bills passed by the Modi government. They have expressed their anger against the bills. For the last three days, thousands of farmers from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh have been marching towards Delhi.

As many as 10,000 farmers from Punjab reached the national capital where they tried to stage a protest near the Parliament against the new agricultural laws. However, they were stopped at the Singhu border near Delhi by the police and what followed was complete mayhem. The angry crowd started pelting stones at the police. Some of them were even seen wielding swords and attacked the police with sticks.

Here is evidence to prove that some anti-national people are involved in the farmers’ protest.

1. Anti-national attitude of the people involved in farmers’ protest:

In one of the videos from the protests, one of the demonstrators can be seen threatening PM Modi with dire consequences if the solution is not reached in the upcoming meeting between the farmers and the Centre over the agriculture bills.

The farmers who had come to the national capital with genuine demands now seem to be playing into the hands of politicians and the Khalistan group. It can be gauged from the fact that a protestor in Punjab was threatening Prime Minister Narendra Modi with consequences similar to that of Indira Gandhi (Assassination). During the protest, some people were also seen holding posters of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, a Khalistan terrorist. We can clearly gauge by these instances where this protest is now heading.

“December 3 ko meeting hai, agar hal koi hua toh thik hai nahin toh…aap jaante nahin…hamare shaheed Udham Singh ne goro ko Canada me jake thoka…Indira thok di…Modi ki chhati mein…(If we can hit the whites in Canada, Delhi is nothing. We had bumped off Indira. A similar fate awaits PM Modi if the talks that are scheduled to happen on December 3 do not yield the desired results),” a protester threatened while talking to media.

2. Religious communal faces in farmers’ protest:

A Muslim organisation, United Against Hate, that is an accused in the Delhi Riots 2020 case, is now seen getting involved the in ‘farmer protest’. It has been alleged that United Against Hate had also organised several protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act in the national capital.


3. Similarities between anti-CAA protests and farmers’ protest:

Both anti-CAA protests and the farmers’ protest are based on lies and propaganda. Those who were against the CAA said that the law would take away the citizenship of Indian Muslims and in a similar way farmers are being misled into believing that the new farm laws will end the system of Minimum Support Price (MSP) and the grain market system will be abolished.

4. Evidence of foreign funding to destabilize India:

The investigation into the incident of a riot in Hathras, UP, has revealed that PFI had received funding of Rs 50 crore through Mauritius. Apart from this, more than 100 crores were given as fund to PFI from different sources.

In Hathras case, the administration got in action on time to stop the PFI members from creating troubles and four PFI members were also arrested in this case. The PFI’s plan flopped miserably and they are now under pressure from their foreign masters to use the fund to create some new trouble in India.

5. Opposition is playing with fire:

It is sad to say that opposition parties are misleading protesters and provoking them to protest against the bills. But since the farmers are being misled to come out on the roads and protest against the Modi government, the opposition is trying to use this as an opportunity to target the Modi government.

In 2006, the then Congress government in Punjab had allowed the private companies to purchase farm produce in the state by amending the Agriculture Produce Market Amendment Act. The law also allowed to build a private yard. Farmers were also given the freedom to sell their produce anywhere. It was largely a draft similar to the current farm laws brought by the Modi government.

In its 2009 Lok Sabha election manifesto, the Congress had promised to make a law similar to the Modi government’s but the party is now opposing the new laws.

Akali Dal leader Parkash Singh Badal, who has decided to snap ties with the NDA in protest of the new farm laws, had enacted a law to allow contract farming in the state. But when the same provision was brought by the Modi government, the Akali Dal is opposing it.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.