Even after becoming IAS, they never left their culture- she is known for helping people in need

Culture is the real identity of people, society, place, nation and lifestyle. It is the culture that defines who we are, how we behave, how we live and how we proceed in our lives.

India has been known for its vastness in culture. Our culture is very old and dates back to almost thousands of years. Today, people are adopting the Western culture, but a woman from Rajasthan is deeply attached to her roots of Indian culture even after becoming IAS.

Yes, we are talking about Monika Yadav who cracked India’s toughest exam UPSC and made her parents feel proud. Everyone dreams to clear the Civil Services Exam, but very few are fortunate to crack the exam. 

Monika Yadav hails from Lisariya village in Sri Madhopur Tehsil of Sikar district, Rajasthan. Nowadays, her picture is increasingly going viral on social media, in which IAS Monika is seen wearing traditional costumes of Rajasthan, with a bindi on the forehead and a newborn baby on her lap.

IAS officer Monika Yadav is a 2014 batch IAS officer. After seeing her picture, it seems that she comes from a village, but the truth is that she is an IAS officer. She has given a message through her picture that no matter how successful you are, you should never forget your roots.

Since Monika was born in village, she was raised in a completely rural area. Her father’s name is Harfool Singh Yadav, a senior IRS. After being inspired by her father, Monika decided to prepare for the civil service exam and she not only cleared the notoriously tough exam but also secured an all-India rank 403.

Currently Monika is posted in Tirwa region as DSP. Monika is known for helping needy people. She listens to issues of the people and resolves their problems. Monika got married to Sushil Yadav, an IAS officer who is presently working in Rajsamand as SDM. In March 2020, Monika gave birth to a daughter. At that time, her picture went viral on social media like wildfire. According to Harfool Singh Yadav, the daughter loved our social traditions.

Following her father’s footsteps, She has gone one step ahead of him. IAS Monika’s father Harfool Singh Yadav is a senior RAS. He is currently serving as the registrar in Rajasthan University. Monika is presently undergoing IAS training.

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