Remembering the dark era of B’wood, when actresses had to sleep with Underworld Dons

In today’s time, Actors and Actresses are breathing a sigh of relief in Bollywood, while there was a time when celebrities were not free to speak their minds. When we talk about actresses, they used to face a casting couch for any role in the film industry.

There is no doubt that the Bollywood and underworld connection is long and strong. We have read many times about actors and actresses being involved with the mafia. Alleged love affair between underworld dons and B-town beauties is something that has been discussed several times.

Dons often fell in love with the beauty of Bollywood and wanted the models in their arms. If sources are to be believed, underworld members were so powerful that they could force any actress to share bed with them. No evidence or official statement from either side is available in the public domain though. However, there are many known relations reported by the Indian media which depicts how close the D company was to Bollywood!

Over the years, several Bollywood actresses have disappeared after facing threats from the underworld. It is said that the actresses had to sleep with underworld dons in order to get a role in the film in the dark era of Bollywood.

Here are some Bollywood actresses who had affairs with Underworld Dons:

1. Mamta Kulkarni and Vikram Goswai:

Mamta Kulkarni had relations with underworld don Vikram Goswami. It is said that she had run off to Dubai with underworld don Vikram Goswami. The gangster has cases of money laundering and drug dealing against him. They were caught in 2014 from Kenya.

2. Monica Bedi and Abu Salem:

Monica Bedi had affairs with underworld dons. Monica started her career in the 1995 Telugu film ‘Taj Mahal’, but the actress came into the limelight when she met underworld don in a hotel.

Monica had a relationship with the underworld Don Abu Salem and for this reason, she used to threaten directors and producers. But both of them were arrested by the police in a hotel in Portugal. It is said that Abu Salem is still behind the bars while Monica is living a modest life.

3. Haji Mastan and Sona:

He was the first underworld don to have married a Bollywood actress. His wife, Sona’s role was portrayed by Kangana Ranaut in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. Haji was very much fond of Madhubala, this is the reason he married Sona because of her resemblance with Madhubala.

4. Dawood Ibrahim and Mandakini:

The actress, famous for dancing under a waterfall, was rumoured to have a scandalous affair with the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. Dawood has financed a lot of Bollywood movies and it is said that he coerced directors to cast her in movies. When Dawood went underground, she got married and settled down.

5. Dawood Ibrahim and Anita Ayub:

Anita Ayub, a beauty pageant contestant and a small time actress, had very close relations with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. He forced producer Javed Siddique to cast her in movies but when he refused, he was shot dead by her gang members.

In a leaked tape, Sanjay Dutt explains how Underworld dons harassed Karishma Kapoor:

When Karishma Kapoor threatened by Underwork

A tape was leaked by Mumbai police in which Sanjay Dutt was caught covering telephone conversation with dreaded Chhota Shakeel. Sanjay Dutt reveaeled how the mega star Karishma Kapoor got called threatened over the phone. We have attached the leaked tape in the end of the article. (Note: the audio clip contains very abusive words)

Sanjay Dutt Nahi, itna bada c****** hain woh Govinda
Chhota Shakeel Haa, haa
Sanjay Dutt Ata hi nahin, main kaam kar rahan hun uske saath
Chhota Shakeel Haa, haa
Sanjay Dutt Do baje, nau baje a seat pe do baje ye dekhiye
Chhota Shakeel Achcha kispe yeh jodi number do pe?
Sanjay Dutt Haa, Bhai
Chhota Shakeel Achcha

Sanjay Dutt Ji
Chhota Shakeel Ha, ha, ha, nahin, nahin, apne isme to barabar aayega woh
Sanjay Dutt (Laughs)
Chhota Shakeel Nahin, nahin, asal mein main kahin phone hi nahi kar raha hun, woh tum logon ko bhi
pata hain, barabar hain?
Sanjay Dutt Ji, Bhai

Chhota Shakeel Phir abhi yeh nange ki baat dekh lo, yeh khud ka payment tha. Maine aur saamne se kara diya. Main bola nahin, dil nahin tutna chahiye kisika
Sanjay Dutt Ji
Chhota Shakeel Samjhe kya nahin?
Sanjay Dutt Ji, Bhai
Chhota Shakeel Haan, yeh Bhai maine bola ki Tumhara bhi maine bola jo figure bolega, likh ke de dena, mana nahi karna
Sanjay Dutt Nahi Bhai, kya baat kar rahen hain? Ghar ki baat hain, kya baat kar rahe hain?
Sanjay Dutt Ji, Bhai
Chhota Shakeel Kahin jaroorat hoti hain na kabhi, to main baat karta hun. Kahin bhi suna hoga, maine na kabhi kisi heroine ko phone kiya hun, na kisiko phone kiya
Sanjay Dutt Ji, Bhai
Chhota Shakeel Who khali nange pehalwan to charbi chadi thi to maine phone kiya tha, bas

Sanjay Dutt Ji, ji
Chhota Shakeel Baki to sara kaam to bechare to usne hi sab pura sambhala hain
Sanjay Dutt Bilkul, bilkul
Chhota Shakeel Samjhe na
Sanjay Dutt Ji
Chhota Shakeel Ab main herionon se kya baat karoon yaar
Sanjay Dutt Bhai, ek cheez boloon apko
Chhota Shakeel Hun, hun
Sanjay Dutt Woh chikna jo hain
Chhota Shakeel Hun, hun

Sanjay Dutt Karisma ko phone karke bolta hain ki t*** m** k* C***. Mere aadmi aake t*** m** c***** l* k* chale jayenge. B********* yeh kya hota hain Bhai
Chhota Shakeel Ha, ha, ha
Sanjay Dutt Ap sochiye abhi Bhai
Chhota Shakeel Bhai jyada din nahin hain
Sanjay Dutt Ji

Chhota Shakeel Samajme aayaa ki nahin
Sanjay Dutt Ji
Chhota Shakeel Bas ye dua karo lage huye hain
Sanjay Dutt Ji
Chhota Shakeel Jyada din nahi hain, Abhi agar ye aa jata na
Sanjay Dutt Ji

Chhota Shakeel To Yeh samajhna ke tum logon ko khush khabri hi thi who
Sanjay Dutt Bilkul Bhai
Chhota Shakeel Samajh mein aaya ki nahi?
Sanjay Dutt Ji
Chhota Shakeel Bas good news thi ki agar who tumse milne aa jata na
Sanjay Dutt Ji

Chhota Shakeel To dursre, teesre din, matlab usko trace kar hi lete hum
Sanjay Dutt Ji
Chhota Shakeel Samjhe na?
Sanjay Dutt Ji, Bhai
Chhota Shakeel Bas Allah malik hain, chhod do
Sanjay Dutt Ji, Bhai
Chhota Shakeel Maine abhi usko yehi bola, Harish ko bola, Zalim ki hawa garam rahti hain

Sanjay Dutt Ji
Chhota Shakeel Lekin kab nikalti hain pata hi nahi chalta
Sanjay Dutt Sahi baat hain
Chhota Shakeel Samjha na?
Sanjay Dutt Ji, Bhai, itni pareshani hain Bhai, kya boloon aap se
Chhota Shakeel Nahi, nahi, mereko pata hain
Sanjay Dutt Ji

Chhota Shakeel Isliye main abhi zara laga hun
Sanjay Dutt Ji
Chhota Shakeel Jawab doonga inshaallah, bahut jaldi jawad de doonga. Aur pura yeh Rizvi wala matter hain
Sanjay Dutt Ji
Chhota Shakeel Chori wala, usme maine pure isme Nange ka siwa maine kisi dusre kisise baat hi nahi ki hain

Sanjay Dutt Ji, ji
Chhota Shakeel Woh bechara pura ka pura jo karne ka tha woh kiya
Sanjay Dutt Who bahut bada g**** hain Bhai woh
Chhota Shakeel Samajhna ha, ha, ha, arre woh abhi nikal hi nahin raha
Sanjay Dutt Hmm

Listen to the audio below (Note: it contains very abusive languages)

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