Learnt coding skills while making food for IIT students and started earning lakhs

A 13-year-old boy from a small village Manpur, situated in Uttarakhand, ran away from his home. He was aware of only place which was Mumbai and he decided to visit there only. Mumbai, a city of dreams, a city of lights, a city of opportunities, a city that never sleeps and a city which has something to give to everyone. This boy also took decision to go Mumbai in an expectation to earn a good life.


Akash Nautiyal, 13-year-old uneducated boy, has done a lot of small jobs due to less education he had. He went to local shops and has done Cigarette marketing, played guitar in local pubs too. How much he used to earn was enough to survive, but was not enough for a good and luxurious life, for which Akash came to Mumbai.
Akash has worked in a call center in 2014 and was happy in his life. He has been robbed, in which he had lost all his cash, savings, laptop, books. He even did not have money to pay rent for the house he used to stay in, due to which his landlord threw him out of the house. He did not find any way and ran to Mumbai.
He found a job to cook food for few boys living in an apartment and were students to IIT Mumbai who used to work whole day sticking to their laptops. One day when Akash asked one of those boys what they do on laptops, Snehil Bakshi, who is co- founder of said, “we do coding for websites like Facebook and WhatsApp which you have to learn on computers how to execute codes and that we do”. Akash got excited after listening about coding which he got gradually interested in and learnt coding basics with the boys. After which to polish his skills in coding, he preferred an online course and became a master in it. He took 15 months to polish his skills and learnt front end, back end and database handling. He did not leave cooking, but at the same time he used to earn more than 70,000 Rs with his coding skills.
He is definitely an inspirational personali8ty for today’s generation who wants to achieve something in their life.

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