Bodybuilder Sahil Khan does Pooja at his new Gym, Islamic extremists come to target him

Recently, a video went viral on social media like wildfire in which Bollywood actor Sahil Khan is seen saying he is all set to open India’s most luxurious Gym. He has performed pooja before opening the gym and will also organize Quran Khani on the occasion.

But his video does not seem to go well with Islamic extremists who criticized him a lot for pooja. His video attracted a lot of criticism and put himself into trouble after he said that he did Gym opening pooja on the auspicious occasion.

Bodybuilder Sahil Khan wanted to buy property in Mumbai but he could not as Mumbai is a very expensive city to run a business. Real estate prices are very high in Mumbai because of the great demand for property in Mumbai, therefore he dropped his plan to purchase property in Mumbai.

Khan’s decision to offer puja on the occasion has invited Islamic extremists to troll him. People spew their hatred at him and go on to say that if anyone worships any god other than ‘Allah’, will go to hell.

It is cognisance of the fact that the 43-year-old actor seems to have faith in every religion. He respects all religions and thinks beyond religion, caste, creed. He was trolled for hurting religious sentiments by performing pooja.

Sahil Khan who was last seen in the movie ‘Style’ faced flak on social media for stating that he does pooja at his new Gym. Apparently, the video did not go well with plenty of users, who claimed the man is Muslim and should stick to Islam. People are trolling him saying, “‘Shame on you if you are Khan then don’t do pooja”.

Here are some reactions:

This is not the first time Sahil Khan has been criticized for his religion. Earlier, the actor was slammed on social media for performing Ganesha Chaturthi puja. When he shared a photograph of him folding hands and standing next to an idol of Ganesha. Several people attacked him for performing Ganesh puja. Click Here to see the posts

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