Delhi: 32yr old man dies in Police custody, family accuses he died after police torture

A shocking case has emerged from Delhi where two police officers themselves are being implicated. The incident involves Suraj Prakash, aged around 32, who was taken into custody by the police in connection with a road rage incident. Suddenly, he lost his life. The responsibility for his death has been attributed to the deceased’s father, who has accused the police. This clash occurred in Adarsh Nagar between two groups.

The incident took place around 2:30 am near Adarsh Nagar metro station where a clash was going on between two parties due to a road rage confrontation. Meanwhile, police arrive at the clash and intervene in the road rage dispute.

According to a senior police officer, a patrol team responding to the altercation attempted to intervene and stop the fight. However, both sides engaged in clashes, forcing staff to request an emergency response vehicle from the Adarsh Nagar police station. Only three persons, including Suraj Prakash, were left when the ERV reached the spot. The officer said that he was taken to BJRM Hospital in Jahangirpuri at around 4 am for a medical examination.

Following the apprehension of three individuals for legal processing, Suraj Prakash experienced a sudden illness. Official reports indicate that he was promptly transported to BJRM Hospital, where he was subsequently pronounced dead. A sibling of a Majlis Park resident asserted to the media that Suraj Prakash met his demise at the hands of the police. “The policemen are responsible for my brother’s death. While passing through the area, he witnessed a confrontation between two individuals. Upon attempting to intervene, a police officer reportedly struck him with a baton and ordered him to leave,” stated the brother.

In response, my brother retrieved his mobile phone and began recording a video of the altercation.” The policemen saw this and attacked him,” the brother alleged. He claimed that six to seven policemen were present at the spot and all of them were drunk. Police said that a judicial inquiry into the matter is going on.

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