Delhi Metro: Two women fighting like cats over a single seat, who is right?

Lately, the Delhi Metro has seen a rise in conflicts, with viral videos capturing daily incidents. It shows a disturbing fight between two women over a single seat in one video going viral. It has gained over 14 million views on Instagram, emphasizing the increasing tensions in the Delhi Metro.

The viral video shows two women fighting over a Delhi Metro seat. User Pratibha Sharma posted the video on August 16 to Instagram. During office hours, it can be extremely difficult to get a Metro seat. Tired commuters often sift through bags to find a seat, and once they get one, it becomes difficult for them to give it up. Perhaps, a similar situation occurred with these women, and they can be seen fighting over a seat.

According to the video, it shows a woman wearing a saree refusing to remove her bag from an empty seat in the metro so that another passenger can sit in it. When another woman requested her to remove her bag so that she could sit there, the woman in saree flatly refused. She kept fighting and refused to make way for her co-passenger. However, the other woman did not budge. He adjusted himself in whatever space was available. The caption of the video reads, “Madam Ji needs a seat even to keep her bag in the metro.”

The woman in a saree faced criticism on social media for her actions, but the third woman, who observed the conflict between the other two women and enjoyed a burger without getting involved, also received substantial online backlash.

One user commented, “She bit the ketchup and threw it on the floor.”

Another user writes, “How peacefully she’s having her burger.”

The video’s widespread circulation sheds light on the daily struggles of Delhi Metro commuters, where the scarcity of seats during office hours can lead to such conflicts. It also highlights how bystanders sometimes choose not to intervene, attracting criticism for their indifference. Such incidents underscore the need for improved etiquette and conflict resolution in public transportation systems.

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