Girls do Pole dance on the Delhi metro train, “Mai To Beghar Hoon” song plays in the background

Delhi: A new video has been added to the list of strange and bizarre videos recorded in the Delhi Metro. In this video, two women can be seen pole dancing inside the metro.

In the last few days, there have been several videos of strange antics on the Delhi Metro. Despite DMRC’s appeal, some passengers continue to violate metro rules. Meanwhile, another video of the Delhi Metro is going viral on social media, featuring two women dancing to the song “Main To Beghar Hoon” from the movie “Suhaag,” starring Parveen Babi and Shashi Kapoor.

The video of women pole dancing in the Delhi Metro has once again gone viral. The video was shared on the Twitter account @HasnaZarooriHai. Currently, the identity of the women dancing in the video has not been confirmed. This video is rapidly gaining popularity, and people are tagging Delhi Metro and expressing their opinions.

Video of a transgender person begging inside the metro

The video was shared by Twitter user Karan Singh. In the video posted on Thursday, a transgender is seen begging inside the coach. In a tweet, Karan tagged DMRC and wrote that it should pay attention to the fact that we are not traveling in any local train or bus. A user complained to DMRC about passenger safety and said that such an incident cannot be accepted at all.

Shiv devotees’ video also surfaced

Similarly, on Tuesday, a video from the Delhi Metro surfaced in which devotees of Lord Shiva can be seen dancing to a song in celebration of the beginning of the month of Sawan. Some social media users are criticizing the dance of the Shiv devotees, while others are expressing their support.

Girl slaps boy.

A video about the Delhi Metro recently went popular on social media. A couple is allegedly seen bickering in the footage. In the midst of the argument, the girl slaps the boy multiple times and shouts at him. The people around did not intervene. Social media users are now questioning what would have happened if the boy had done the same thing, slapping the girl so forcefully.

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