They come looking for Hindu girls, take our girls away in front of our eyes: Says Hindu father

In Pakistan, the Hindu community grapples with both religious identity and security concerns, creating a challenging environment for its members. This situation is exemplified in a poignant video circulating on social media, where a Hindu man recounts a troubling incident. Regrettably, the safety of Hindu girls in Pakistan remains a pressing issue.

This video has been shared on social media by the user of the “HinduSammanFoundation” Instagram page, in which a person is narrating the crimes committed by Pakistan against Hindus. He says that some people from the Muslim community come and forcibly kidnap our daughters. And also they threaten the girl’s family that if anyone does anything, they will kill the entire family. They forcibly abduct Hindu girls, capture them, and keep them captive.

He further explains, “All the girls who have been kidnapped to date have never returned. They never allow them to return, nor do they ever find out what happened to them.” In the video, a person asks him a question. He inquires, “Have you ever witnessed Muslim individuals kidnapping a girl?” He replies, “Yes, they kidnapped my brother’s daughter, my nephew’s daughter was also forcefully kidnapped and They also took away the aunt’s daughter and never allowed her to return.

Such incidents have become a cause of great security concern for the people of the Hindu community. This problem has become serious for them and its solution is very important. However, according to online sources, the government of Pakistan also does not help them in avoiding such crimes. More than 2 lakh people have watched this video so far and more than 3 thousand people have shared their reactions by commenting.

The video shared on the “HinduSammanFoundation” Instagram page highlights the distressing situation faced by the Hindu community in Pakistan. The alleged abduction and mistreatment of Hindu girls have raised serious security concerns. It is imperative that both local and national authorities address this issue to ensure the safety and well-being of minority communities. Public awareness and international attention can also play a role in finding a solution to these problems.

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