Anand Mahindra is really impressed with Mizoram people for following traffic rules, check out the tweet

Anand Mahindra is the chairman and managing director of Mahindra Group. Notably, he is one of the most loved and most-admired personalities in every nook and corner of the country. The highly-successful entrepreneur is also quite active on the micro-blogging Twitter platform.

Every now and then, the most famous businessman comes up with exciting or catchy tweets to engage with his fans and followers on social media.

From posting Monday motivation stuff to expressing his opinions, the Twitter fraternity has seen it all. At the same time, he never shies away from giving befitting or epic replies to the haters on social media.

We have repeatedly seen that Mahindra has a knack for shutting the critics with classy and bossy replies. On the other hand, he also has an incredible sense of humour, something that the netizens would love to the core.

Anand Mahindra is really impressed with Mizoram people for following traffic rules

Case in point, Traffic Police officers are one of the major reasons why people are free from danger while carrying on a road trip in India. They are people’s friend when the rules are being obeyed. It is not so easy to do this stressful job because traffic policemen stand under the scorching sun to help people follow the traffic rules.

To be able to do the work even during holidays, weekends and under extreme weather conditions makes them a class apart. Their main purpose is to ensure people’s safety and a free flow of traffic to prevent the number of road crashes and thus saving lives as well. Spending most of their time outdoors is something that traffic policemen are used to.

Also, they have to be pretty much focused on their work as well because it demands longer concentration. However, in state like Mizoram, people have bene genuinely following the traffic rules and it seems that they don’t really need a traffic police in the first place.

The industrialist, Anand Mahindra is very much impressed with Mizoram people for abiding by the traffic rules in the best way possible. The post of the same has gone viral on the internet.

“What a terrific pic; Not even one vehicle straying over the road marker. Inspirational, with a strong message: it’s up to US to improve the quality of our lives. Play by the rules… A big shoutout to Mizoram,” Anand Mahindra shared while reposting a tweet by a man named Sandeep Ahlawat.