Girl crying as she kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam, asked to marry a Muslim man

In today’s era, society is developing, but sometimes some bad efforts also exist, which violate human rights. Such a sad incident which forces us all to think. In Pakistan, a Hindu girl was forcibly abducted and forced to convert to Islam and got her married to a Muslim man. Even today, Hindu girls are helpless in Pakistan, they have to face such incidents in their daily lives.

A video of this incident is also going viral on social media. According to the caption of the video, the name of this helpless victim is Rita who can be seen crying profusely in the video. After seeing her condition, it becomes clear how terrible a crime she has been subjected to and how badly she has been treated.

According to online sources, Rita was forcibly kidnapped and then forced to convert to Islam and was also married to a Muslim man. To protest against this, the victim filed a case and reached the court. But even the court could not help the victim much. The court ordered the victim to go to the Islamic safe house. But the victim Rita was not even ready to go to the Islamic safe house. She wanted to go home with her parents but was being forcibly sent to an Islamic safe house.

Hindu girl Rita also protested against this and cried for not going to the Islamic safe house, which can be seen in the viral video. In the video, Rita is crying bitterly and asking not to go to the Islamic Safe House and go with her parents. 3-to 4 women from the Islamic Safe House are also seen around her, who are seen carrying her and also forbidding her from crying. And Rita is just crying while hugging her and asking her not to go to the Islamic Safe House.

More than 1 lakh people have watched this viral video so far and more than 300 people have expressed their reactions by commenting.

One user commented and wrote, “heartbreaking”.

And another user writes, “Does Quraan say like that? Isn’t Quraan against forcible conversion?”

And a user expressing his hatred towards Islam writes, “My hate for Islam is increasing day by day. It’s a cult.”

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