After earning just Rs.10,446 for 2700 kg Onion, MP farmer dies of heart attack

In heart-wrenching news that is hard to digest, a farmer in MP passed away due to heart attack because he got Rs 10,440 for 2700 kg of Onion he had grown. To explain in simple terms, he got Rs 3.72 per kg considering the price of onion in the market which is roughly between Rs 20.

The farmer, by the name of Bherulal Malviya, had gone to the mandi to sell 27 quintals of onion but owing to deflation in the price level, he could only sell his crop for Rs.10,440 at the rate of Rs 372 per quintal.

Credits: IndiaTimes

The 40-year-old farmer put a lot of hard work to grow these many onions but little did he know that he would earn comparatively less considering the market price and as a result, he died of a heart attack. He was taken to the hospital immediately but he died during treatment.

His son Ravi said that he died of trauma after hearing about falling prices of onion. The farmer’s family has sought the state government’s assistance.

The sad reality is that they are very poor despite giving absolutely everything to the nation They dedicate their whole life for us but themselves live a poor life. Needless to say, they can also be called as the ‘God of the soil’. On the dark side, farmers commit suicides when they feel helpless under the immense pressure of debt.

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