IB officer Ankit Sharma was stabbed over 400 times, the most cruel murder doctors have ever seen

The whole nation was shocked to hear the demise of Ankit Sharma as he was murdered in a brutal and barbaric manner, which reminds us of the massacre of Sikhs in Chattisinghpura during Clinton’s visit. This is truly unacceptable by any means and this needs to stop.

Forensic doctors never have seen such mutilation in their life as Ankit Sharma was stabbed ever nook and corner of his body over 400 times for as many as four to six hours. We are leaving it to your imagination as to how the slain Intelligence Bureau constable Ankit Sharma faced such type of murder.

Credits: The Hindu

Case in point, the body was first recovered from a ditch in Chand Bagh and then sent for autopsy examination by the senior authorities. The autopsy report thoroughly exposed the shocking brutality that was inflicted on him just before his body was dumped in a ditch behind the residence of AAP leader Tahir Hussain.

The autopsy report further added saying that Ankit Sharma was stabbed over 400 times. He has stab wounds all over and shockingly, not even a single part of it was spared. In what was a brutal murder, the Intelligence Bureau constable was stabbed for hours, four to six hours by six individuals together.

Furthermore, the intestines were ripped apart, according to the autopsy report. Forensic doctors reportedly said that they have not seen such nightmarish mutilation in their entire lives. The report also adds saying that the body had “multiple abrasion.. deep cut.. by sharp edge objects”.

The panel of doctors, who executed the post mortem examination conceded that Ankit Sharma was brutally and repeatedly stabbed, which had caused his death.

It has been said that the family of Ankit Sharma had been looking for him since Tuesday. His body was eventually recovered a day after. His father by the name of Ravinder Sharma is also a head constable in the Intelligence Bureau. Ankit Sharma joined the Intelligence Bureau in the year 2017. As per the reports, his rank was ‘security assistant’. Ravinder Sharma has held the Aam Admi Party (AAP) responsible for his son’s brutal murder.

As it turns out, AAP Corporator identified as Tahir Hussain is the main part of this ruthless killing where Ankit, a young, dedicated officer was brutally murdered.
Eyewitnesses said that the Ankit Sharma was dragged in the house that belongs to Tahir Hussain, AAP corporator, by a Muslim mob along with two others.

Pictures and video footage of Tahir Hussain himself wielding a lathi emerged along with the rooftop of his house. It has been said that the roof of his house was used by hundreds of Islamists to pelt stones and petrol bombs on people in the area.

An FIR has also been registered against Tahir Hussain under section 302(a) of the IPC for the murder of Ankit Sharma, on a complaint filed by Ankit’s family.