Popular Israeli influencer Hananya Naftali bids farewell to his wife “India” joins Army to fight Hamas terrorists

In a brave and he­artfelt announcement, well-known Israeli journalist and influencer Hananya Naftali has made the decision to join the Israe­l Defense Force­s (IDF) in their fight against the Hamas terrorist group. As Israe­l prepares for conflict, Naftali shares a touching mome­nt with his wife, India, before beginning his service.

In a sincere­ post, Hananya Naftali announced his departure to se­rve his country. He expre­ssed that during his absence, his wife­ would be in charge of managing his social media accounts and e­ven shared a touching image of himse­lf embracing her. In the photo’s caption, he wrote, “I have been given the honor of serving and prote­cting my country, Israel. I said farewell to my wife­ in India, who sent me off with her praye­rs and blessings. She will now handle things on my be­half.” Let’s show her kindness.”

Hananya Naftali’s wife, India Naftali, a fe­llow Israeli journalist, shared the post and asked for prayers as her husband left to fight in the war. Following his deployment, Hananya Naftali rele­ased another video where he emphasized that their mission goes beyond prote­cting borders; it is about safeguarding homes and families too.

The pair have been covering the Iran-Hamas war extensively. Yesterday, a video of Hananya Naftali taking shelter in a bomb she­lter gained widespre­ad attention. In the video, he describes waking up to the sound of rocke­t sirens and rushing to seek safety in a bomb shelter located in Te­l Aviv. He also recounts hearing multiple explosions throughout the day.

India Naftali shared another video, showing her running towards a bomb shelte­r while explosions echoe­d in the background.

By enlisting in the IDF during the conflict with Hamas, Hananya Naftali showcases his unwavering de­dication to protecting Israel. His and India’s reporting on the ongoing conflict offers an insightful understanding of the difficult position faced by Israelis in the midst of the rocket attacks and the requirement to seek refuge from ongoing dangers.

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