Pregnant woman denied treatment for not paying Rs 5,000, is humanity dead?

Last year’s statistics in the National Health Profile Report displayed the shocking state of Indian health zone as medical equipment as well as doctors were not in excess to treat the increased count of patients.

According to the report, there was only one government allopathy doctor for every 11,082 population, one government hospital bed per 1,844 population and one state-run hospital per 55,591 population. This is where the actual problem lies. No excess medical facilities to treat the patients and as a result, there is huge risk involved during emergency situations.

Credits: Foap (Image used for representation purpose only)

In yet another incident of medical failure, a pregnant woman in Madhya Pradesh was denied treatment by a government hospital for not paying an admission amount of Rs 5,000.

ANI reported that the shocking incident took place in Tendu Kheda in MP’s Damoh district on January 29. The patient’s husband identified as Brajesh Rekwar said that he reached the hospital along with the wife including other family members. However, the nurse denied getting her treated as she asked them to pay Rs 5,000 to proceed further.

Reportedly, the hospital staff has denied any claim and are looking into it. Learning the attitude of the nurse and hospital, the pregnant woman had to be later shifted to another government hospital for medical treatment.

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