At least 100 girls found chained in Islamic school, Staff used to rape them daily

In yet another horrifying case of ‘human slavery’ in an Islamic school in Nigeria, as many as 100 innocent students were regularly subjected to torture, sexual abuse and starvation. The victims were of different nationalities and they were chained, hung from the ceiling and smashed in a torture chamber inside the school according to the authorities.

An Islamic boarding school has turned out to be a nightmare for girls as it has been revealed as a ‘house of torture‘ where students get raped by staff frequently. We are leaving it to your imagination as to how much pain the students are going through.

Innocent girls chained inside Islamic School in Nigeria

Shocking images from the Islamic school which are going viral on the internet depict how girls wearing ankle shackles and their hands chained together. To make things worse, the victims also have some shocking scars on their backs.

The students who are jailed and locked up inside the school are supposed to be pursuing Masters in reputed Universities but instead, their dreams are getting shattered. Many students got admission to study their respective courses but little did they know that they would get chained and experience brutal torture.

The victims’ parents within the city were totally ‘shocked and horrified’ when they saw the condition of their children, as they had no idea what was really happening inside the school. Many students have spent months inside the school with chains on their legs. This is so painful.

The staff claim to be teaching the students Quran and Islam, but they do a lot of infamous activities here as they subject the younger ones to physical torture and sexual abuse.

  • The Youth is regretfully saying that there is an error in the article. Not girls but boys were chained in the islamic school and the number of victims were not just 100 but 300 boys who got exually abused. Here is the report from DW – click here

This is BBC report below

For the unversed, Maulana Anjum Rizvi earlier said that men cannot satisfy their lust with just one woman while adding that he needs 3-4 women for pleasure. click here

Maulana preachers are spreading awareness in Muslim gathering that wives should whole-heartedly support their husbands in marrying multiple women as they feel it is a matter of faith.

It may look strange to all of us but it should be noted that the traditional Sunni and Shia Islamic marital jurisprudence permits Muslim men to be married to multiple women. It is a common practice known as polygyny and polygamy. Yes, even up to four any one time.

Maulana Anjum Rizvi has made a very controversial remark against Muslim women.” Women should support their husbands in marrying 3-4 other women”, he said. He goes on saying that today’s women are of cheap mentality”.

Maulana Sahab should be ashamed of his cheap mindset. “Maulana added another spark to his speech, saying “the sexual lust of men can not be quenched by just one woman, therefore wife should allow her husband to get more women for sexual cause”.

It is surprising to see that people present at the event had cheered his stupid comments, which indicates they gave a thumb’s up to his view. Needless to say, such opinion should not be cheered, rather be criticised.