“He tortured me constantly to convert”- Hindu girl about Muslim boyfriend

God created us for a purpose i.e. to do our duties in this world and people must realise this and accomplish their goals so as to touch the lives of fellow beings. But there is a general lack of uprightness in today’s world. Instead of sharing love, unity, kindness and happiness, people are spreading hatred among others only to divide themselves.

Have you ever heard that anyone has kidnapped any woman and converted to Hinduism (the religion practised by the majority) in ‘intolerant’ India? No, not even a single case of such an incident has ever come up in the history of 5 thousand years in India.

It is no secret that some youths from Muslim community are involved in the heinous practice of Love Jihad, an alleged effort made by them only to target beautiful and rich women belonging to non-Muslim communities for religious conversion to Islam by ‘fake love’.

They understand girls’ behaviour and study them completely before utilising emotional appeals by using charm to attract girls into conversion by simulating love. Some Mosques in India are allegedly providing training and fund to handsome youths for the cause.

This infamous concept first came to light in India in the year 2009 with alleged conversions in Kerala and Karnataka. Slowly, it started to spread across all states of India.

In a recent incident that took the country by shock, Anjana (name changed), a Hindu student hailing from Kannur has disclosed the painful experience which she underwent after falling in love with a Muslim boy who took 6 months to perform his good and evil behaviour, as reported by MyNation.

Mushabeer (Source: MyNation)

Anjana had gone to a school to observe “kalolsavam”, a cultural festival, where she met Mushabeer and the two became friends before falling in ‘love’.

After an initial 6 months, Mushabeer started to force the girl to change her religion, terming it as a pre-condition for marriage. His constant pressure had culminated in a ruthless physical assault on Anjana. At this time, he had boasted to her about many other Hindu girls he claimed to have been in an affair with and who had all agreed to convert to Islam.

Anjana had informed her family and then lodged a police complaint. Believe it or not! Police refused to order a probe and had also denied any knowledge of the matter when MyNation spoke to them.

In a video testimony, Anjana had narrated her ordeal. She revealed: “Mushabeer said that he wouldn’t hesitate to pour acid on my face if I don’t convert. Mushabeer and his friends are fooling girls into falling in love with them only to forcefully make them convert to Islam. They tortured me consistently to convert.”