What does it mean by Lappu and Jhingur? Why are these words viral on social media?

In recent times, in addition to Seema Haider and Sachin Meena, another resident of their village Rabpura has gained significant attention. This individual employed certain words to describe Sachin, which have caught on in today’s trends and have sparked the creation of various memes.

The phrases “Lappu sa Sachin” and “Jhingur sa” were used by Sachin’s neighbor’s sister-in-law to refer to him. These expressions have captured global interest, yet their meanings remained a mystery until Mithlesh Bhati stepped forward to elucidate the intended significance behind these words spoken about Sachin.

In a video, Mithlesh Bhati explains that the term “lappu” holds significance in the village’s language as a commonplace expression. Within the community, a child who does not speak too much is called “Lappu” by the people of the village. This analogy is drawn from the similarity with Sachin, who also had a tendency to be reticent. Notably, in various news interviews, it was predominantly Seema Haider who took the lead in speaking. And even if Sachin did speak, Seema would hush him by placing her hand over his mouth. Observing this dynamic, Mithlesh Bhati playfully coined the term “lappu” in reference to Sachin’s quieter demeanor.

The term “Jhingur” refers to a tiny, white-colored insect that emerges during the rainy season. Mithlesh Bhati asserts that she used the word “Jhingur” to describe Sachin inadvertently, without conscious intent. The words she spoke at that moment were unplanned. However, Seema Haider’s attorney has sent a formal notice to Mithlesh Bhati, alleging body shaming. In response, AP Singh has cautioned the woman about potential legal consequences.

Singh expressed that Mithlesh’s behavior has had a negative impact on the reputation of his clients. “We are contemplating taking appropriate measures to address this issue,” he commented. However, the attorney refrained from confirming whether these actions might involve initiating a defamation lawsuit or dispatching a legal notice. Within the video, Mithlesh can be overheard stating, “Sachin..kya hai Sachin mein? Lappu sa Sachin ha, muh se bolna aawe na ha…bolta woh ha na, jhingur sa ladka..usse pyaar karegi woh (sahin.. what’s there in Sachin? Sachin is like “Lappu”. He cannot even speak properly. He stammers. He is like a beetle. She will love him?).”

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