The aunty who said “Lappu, Jhingur” to Sachin, may now go to jail- check out details

The love story of Seema Haider and Sachin Meena has brought fame to several women in Greater Noida Village. Mithilesh Bhati, who referred to Sachin as “Lappu” and “Jhingur,” Sachin’s neighbour, has gained a lot of attention in India. There is currently a major controversy surrounding the use of the term “Lappu-Jhingur” for Sachin Meena. Mithilesh Bhati is now facing a difficult situation because Seema Haider’s lawyer, AP Singh, has sent a notice to neighbour Mithilesh.

According to advocate AP Singh, Mithilesh Bhati body-shamed Sachin and Seema. She talked about Sachin, ‘What’s in Sachin? Sachin like a lappu, a boy like a prawn, he doesn’t know how to speak and if he ever tries to speak, Seema Haider will hold his hand and put his hand over his mouth. Is this love?

Mithlesh Bhati responded to the allegations, stating, “The issue, as portrayed by the news media and lawyers, has been blown out of proportion. In our village, referring to our children as ‘lappu’ is commonplace and part of our local language.” Mithlesh Bhati maintains that there was no intention to insult anyone, and the remark was made without forethought. The situation took an unexpected turn when a video of the incident was captured and circulated widely, for which Mithlesh Bhati claims no responsibility.

Mithilesh continued by stating, “People are even referring to me as ‘Lappi’, and my husband is also facing his share of comments. It seems he might find me unattractive. He’s expressing his thoughts freely. Meanwhile, AP Singh, the lawyer representing Sachin and Seema, has categorized the situation as a body-shaming issue. In response, Mithilesh Bhati commented that the concept of body shaming is unfamiliar to regular villagers. She remarked, ‘I’m not aware of what body shaming entails.”

After this, A.P. Singh levelled more allegations and accusations that Mithilesh Bhati has said many other things apart from this about Sachin, such as, “How will Sachin be able to have children? Seema was referred to as a lizard. Is it a sin to not be good-looking?”Mithilesh Bhati declared these accusations as false and told lawyer AP Singh not to conspire against me. Upon this, AP Singh replied, ‘You initiate, and we will conclude.'”

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