Pak woman comes to India for her Noida boyfriend, she met him on PUBG platform

There was a joint family living in a rented apartment in the Rabupura area of Greater Noida. The owner of the apartment was unaware that the lady was from Pakistan. A Pakistani woman named Seema Gulam Haider met Sachin, a person from Greater Noida near Delhi, through the gaming app PUBG Mobile.

They fell in love and Seema illegally entered India through Nepal. When she reached Greater Noida, where Sachin lived, she was accompanied by her four children. As someone rightly said, love cannot be bound by when, whom, or where. Love does not see color, caste, religion, or borders. This is one such case.

Seema and Sachin met through a gaming platform. They started chatting online and eventually fell in love. After Seema reached India, they initially started living together in a leased apartment in the Rabupura area of Greater Noida.

Soon later, the local cops received news that a Pakistani woman was residing illegally in Greater Noida. When Sachin learned that the cops had received information about Seema’s presence, he escaped with her and their four children. The apartment’s owner, Brijesh, informed the police that he had rented the house in May. He claimed that he had a court marriage and four children.

The landlord stated, ‘It did not seem like the woman was from Pakistan. She wore salwar suits and sarees.’ The police have arrested Sachin and Seema, and further investigation is underway. After continuous pressure and search, the woman police were apprehended. ADCP Ashok Kumar stated that the woman is being interrogated.

Investigation agencies have been informed, and an alert has been issued. The Pakistani woman’s name is said to be Seema Gulam Haider. She mentioned that she came into contact with Sachin while playing PUBG. The Pakistani woman is a mother of four children. After questioning, the investigation agencies will share details.” The investigation into the case of Seema Gulam Haider and Sachin is ongoing.

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