Meet Archana Jha- Raipur DSP who patrols at night with her daughter in arms, hats off to her

What is it like to be a mother? She is one who plays an important role in the family. She looks after her children, house and keeps working like a machine to finish off the day-to-day tasks. There is no denying that a mother’s job is the toughest job in the world.

But, Archana Jha’s story is a different one altogether. It is not so easy to be a mother and a DSP, but Archana proved that she can balance her career and personal life incredibly well.

Credits: Imgur

The story of Raipur DSP Archana Jha is one that needs to be told to inspire the women in our country. Her story highlights women power. The brave officer patrols at night with her daughter in arms. Let’s take a moment to appreciate her.

It should be noted that Archana has the responsibility to vigil the city for 2 nights in a week. In the absence of her husband who works in Bilaspur, it is literally not possible to leave her daughter alone at home. There is nobody to look after her daughter and she decided to carry her in arms.

Without duty came calling her, she wasn’t one who made lame excuses but instead, she agreed to work with her daughter when it mattered the most. When the situation demands, she has to spend the entire night on the streets of the city with her little angel accompanying her.

Even at the time of pregnancy when a lady is supposed to take bed rest and take care of herself, the brave lady cop was moving about in an energetic manner in the streets of Chhattisgarh organising security of the events of Chief Minister.

The lady cop took the maternity leave for just 4 and a half months. However, the leave has now been increased to 6 months in the state.

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