Husband-wife file a divorce case, their lawyers fight with each other before the court

While the husband is only ready to pay up to four or five lakh rupees, the wife demands one crore rupees in exchange for the divorce. The two attorneys engaged in a contentious fight in front of the court as a result, and a video of the exchange is now quickly becoming viral on social media. In the divorce case at hand, the woman is seeking one crore rupees in alimony payments, and the husband flatly refuses to make any payments above five lakh rupees.

In the video, it is seen that both attorneys are arguing their cases in front of the court. The husband’s attorney claims that because of insufficient income, his client cannot afford to pay the one crore rupees.

He is an engineer who was employed by an ATM machine, but he lost his job and is currently jobless as a result of three or four lawsuits brought by the wife and her attorney. The husband’s attorney requests that the wife and her attorney present the judge with proof to support their assertions. The judge does concede that a person’s financial condition may be inferred from looking at them physically, though.

The wife’s lawyer, in the continuation of the video, presents his argument, stating that his client works as a property dealer, and her father was a Class 1 officer who received a substantial amount of money upon retirement. They have a luxurious house worth crore of rupees, and their financial records are impressive.

Moreover, they claim that an MBA-educated girl cannot marry someone who is unemployed. They have falsified an Rs. 8,000 salary slip, which they present as evidence to support their claim that their client is jobless. However, their actual income is significantly higher, and the family possesses legitimate property documents.

The judge instructs both lawyers to bring their clients to the next hearing, scheduled for July 10th. However, the wife’s lawyer refuses, stating that his client is often fearful and anxious, and he is concerned that something unfortunate might happen to her if she appears in court. He requests the judge to grant her online permission instead, but the judge denies the request. The argument between the two lawyers continues, and the judge sets the next hearing for July 10th.

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