15 days after Sikh killed in Pak, Sikh volunteers organize Iftaar party on Eid for refugees

The entire globe is celebrating the festivities of Eid but not everyone is fortunate enough to have a family for celebrations. Thousands of homeless Syrian refugees are battling hunger and poverty during this festive season of Eid and for them, it is just one more day of struggle instead of an occasion that requires to be celebrated.

However, spreading communal harmony is an NGO called Khalsa Aid that distributed Iftar meals and gifts to Syrian children during this time of crisis.

Source: TheBetterIndia

The Khalsa Aid travelled to Lebanon and Iraq to distribute Iftaar meals to these refugee children just to make their Eid more special and meaningful. Around 5,000 children received joy and love through this aid as meals were provided by their ‘Ramzan Kitchen’.

Not just food, but these young innocent children were also gifted new clothes and shoes as gifts for Eid by this NGO and we can’t seem to appreciate their noble deed more, especially through these times of communal crisis.

What is even more commendable is the fact that the Sikh volunteers decided to show their humanity despite the fact that a sikh leader was recently killed in Pakistan as a result of communal hatred. The fact that they kept this incident aside and still decided to spread joy to this community through their gesture.

This is what the organization wrote on their Facebook post about this act of love:

“These children were forced to leave their homes when war broke out in Mosul in 2014. The city has been left devastated. These clothes will be the only gifts many of these children will receive this Eid while suffering difficult conditions of a refugee camp.”

The Khalsa Aid had done the same for Rohingya refugees and despite receiving backlash for the same, they decided to continue their gesture for the needy.

They are a classic example of how hatred has no place in the world and small gestures can actually be a major step towards communal harmony.

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