“We get Hindu girls, marry them and they will produce Muslim kids” says Muslim youth

In the modern era, the need for religious and social harmony has accepted diversity, but sometimes the issues of religious division and social division come to the fore again. A similar deadly incident was recently seen on social media in a video in which a common Pakistani Islamist says, “We bring Hindu girls and marry them and give birth to Muslim kids.”

The viral video has been shared by Pakistan Untold on Twitter. In the video, a common Pakistani Islamist says to a Pakistani journalist, “We bring Hindu girls and marry them and Muslims give birth to kids.” This statement is being discussed in the Indian society on social media. To merely make women a reason for conversion is to deprive them of their judicial and human rights.

Such statements cannot be considered acceptable in the society. For religious and social prosperity, we should move towards religious tolerance and an ideal society, and not promote such extremely controversial statements. Therefore, society needs proper education, sensitivity, and respect, to move towards an empowered, prosperous, and equal society. It’s disheartening to witness such regressive attitudes persisting in 2024. Upholding respect for all individuals, regardless of religion or gender, is essential for fostering a truly inclusive and harmonious society.

The viral video has received more than 1 lakh views and more than 3 thousand likes. After watching the video, users have shared many reactions. A user writes, ‘Women are an Object for them. No respect for women as humans.

Another user writes, ‘The religious conversion law must be changed to ensure that a woman does not need to change her religion after marriage and children from this marriage must keep the mother’s religion. This will put an end to all problems.’

Another user writes, ‘This is so distressing & we are in 2024 where some people have such ideology.’

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