This Indian company gives employees ‘break up’ leave, you don’t have to submit any documents

In India, companies often have various policies covering a range of employment scenarios, including paid leave, sick leave, and casual leave. However, one particularly unique concept has emerged: breakup leave. Stockgro, an Indian company, offers breakup leave to its employees, a benefit unlike the more conventional forms of leave. Notably, employees are not required to provide any documentation for this type of leave. While this concept may seem unconventional, it prompts reflection on its origins and rationale, inviting consideration of why and how such an innovative idea was introduced.

Stockgro, a pioneering company in India, offers breakup leave to its employees, setting a precedent in the country. This unique benefit allows employees to simply inform the company of their need for breakup leave without the requirement of submitting any documentation. Employees are granted a week of leave initially, with the option to extend it as needed. Importantly, there are no inquiries or questioning involved in availing this leave, demonstrating Stockgro’s commitment to supporting its employees during challenging times.

The company says that it understands the mental health of its employees and if the employee is upset during the breakup, he cannot focus on work, hence he will be given this leave. ‘Breakup Leave’ means leave given to any employee at the time of breakup of their love relationship. This means that when an employee is heartbroken, he or she can take leave from the company without paperwork or interrogation.

Such thinking is the result of a progressive and liberal ideology, in which the company has an attitude of cooperation and support with its employees. This not only supports employees’ mental health but also makes them more capable in a safe and healthy environment.

Kirti Dixit has given information about breakup leave by sharing a video on her Instagram page. After watching the video, users have expressed various reactions after hearing about the breakup leave. The viral video has received more than 2 million views and more than 50 thousand likes.

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