When People saw their Sansakari Bhabhi in Bikini on Twitter, they reacted this way…

The internet loves controversy and how could netizens stay away from something that involves their favourite innocent ‘bhabhi’, Angoori from “Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai?”

Shubhangi Atre who plays Angoori bhabhi in reel life had no idea about the buzz that her real-life picture would create. She was holidaying in Krabi with her family when she posted a picture of herself in a swimsuit and the internet couldn’t keep calm after that.

Source: Bollywood life

Shubhangi has been receiving all kinds of response for her picture and most of them are questioning her choice of clothing. People have a certain kind of impression about her and the fact that she wore a swimsuit does not go with her image that they have. Most of us have seen her on the television screen as an innocent bhabhi next door and cannot seem to digest the fact that she posed on a beach wearing a swimsuit!

However, Shubhangi shut her trolls by stating that she can’t be Angoor Bhabhi at all times. She mentioned how people don’t understand that she has a life beyond the character that she plays and she wouldn’t dress up on the beach like Angoori.

She also believes that if one feels fit enough to carry a swimsuit, there shouldn’t be any harm in wearing it. Shubhangi’s idea of posting the picture wasn’t a planned one and she did it only because her husband clicked it and she thought it was a good picture.

She has appreciated the fans who did not criticize and her response to the haters seems quite apt.

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