Meet 22-yr-old Karman Kaur- She is India’s next Sania Mirza and a massive inspiration

If you think there is no scope of Tennis in India, think twice. 22-year-old Karman Kaur Thandi is already going places by winning international tennis tournaments. However, we hardly notice her achievements. But when a cricketer hits a six or claims a wicket, we jump high in excitement and update status on social media for likes and make memes on them.

She has been doing extremely well in the sport, winning with both singles and doubles trophies to her kitty. Regarded as the next Sania Mirza, Karman is already changing the way the country looks at women in sports.


“I really liked the sport only after I tried it out. I started doing well which made me work harder. First, it was just for fun and fitness but, when my game began improving, I became confident that this was it,” she told in an interview with

The woman with a natural talent reckons that more girls would step into this field and start creating history. Talking about the dedication which is needed to become a sportswoman in India, she said: “Of course there is a lot of hard work that goes into it. A lot of dedication and practise. Every day you gotta show up and work on that same routine. It can be extremely taxing on an individual but giving up is not really an option either.

You need to push yourself on the bad days–that’s what’s gotten me going for all these years,” the 22-year-old tells us. Surely it must be harder than it looks from the sidelines”

Her message to other women who are trying to pursue this sport: “You have to continue to fight the big fight. You have to stay motivated and you have to stay strong but always know that you cannot give up. You have to enjoy yourself through it all!”–wise words from this youngster.”