Student battling with cancer scored 95% in 12th Boards

Whenever I listen to stories of battles against cancer, the first one that comes into mind is that of Yuvraj Singh. One of the living legends of Indian cricket, Yuvraj had to banter cancer during one of the most important phases of his life, during the world cup of 2011 held in India.

But he chose to play for the team and ended up winning a world cup for the side. Without a shadow of a doubt, the world cup triumph was impossible without Yuvraj Singh. Now let’s take a look at a similar story, equally inspiring.

This is the story of Tushar Rishi, who just like Yuvraj Singh, didn’t let cancer get the better of his dreams. Rishi aspired to become a doctor from his childhood and he was very keen to pursue his dreams. But he was diagnosed with Knee Cancer during his 10th standard mock exams and despite of the adversities he had to face because of the chemotherapy sessions, he managed to secure 10 grade points in his 10th boards.

Picture Source: Facebook/Tushar Rishi

Now, he has managed to pull off a spectacular 95% in his 12th boards and people and his story is going viral on social media. Rishi scored 95 in English, 95 in physics, 93 in mathematics, 89 in computer and 100 in fine arts.

“I am in a much better condition now after all the treatments. But I have to visit AIIMS in every three to four months for checkups and updates on my health,” says Rishi, as quoted by India Times.

“I have seen him battle cancer and I know how difficult it was for him. I hope he stays healthy and achieves all his career goals,” his mother, Ritu Agarwal, a professor at the Birla Institute of Technology, told Hindustan Times.

Apart from his brilliant academic results, he also penned down his entire story. His book by the name “Patient Patient” and its out in the market already.

Now this really is an inspiring story for all those youngsters who are suffering with some or the other diseases and that disease is standing as a barrier for their success.

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