Water can become the world’s sharpest cutter, it can cut stone and iron faster than anything else

Nature has given us its infinite arts in countless mysterious and unique forms, which we have tried to understand based on our understanding. One of these mysterious powers that may seem common to us, but is in reality amazing – is the ability of water to become a unique and fast catalyst. Have you ever wondered ‘about water that is “soft”; And which has no shape? But how can it become the “sharpest” cutting tool?

The water is a “blade” because of the water jet technology. Water jet cutting is a cold-cutting technique that allows metals and other materials to be separated from each other by means of a high-pressure water jet. Many industries around the world now use waterjet cutting for their machining needs due to its powerful and versatile nature.

In water jet technology, when water is passed through a 0.05 mm nozzle with a pressure of 14.5 million psi, it becomes the world’s sharpest weapon. This tool made of water can easily cut the world’s hardest rock and even the strongest metal, diamond.

There is no doubt that the water jet is currently the fastest “blade” in the world. Water jet has many advantages like any material can be cut with any curve at one time. Water, which is an integral part of our life, is not only the reason for giving us life but also due to the properties hidden in it, it becomes a unique archetype. To understand this power of water well, we have to focus on its characteristics.

The water jet nozzle is made of tungsten carbide-based material without using a metal binder. The grain size of tungsten carbide is extra fine. Then the performance of the nozzle material is extremely durable and wear-resistant. It will not be easy to enlarge the nozzle hole when water flows at high pressure and speed. Generally, the density of tungsten carbide water jet nozzle is about 15.6g/cm3. And the hardness can reach 2800HV.

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