It’s real, If you throw this weapon in the sky, it will come back to you

You must have often heard about ancient weapons. Which were used in epic wars since many ancient centuries. The Ramayana, an ancient Indian literary epic, discusses important principles of religion, morality, and duty. It describes many important chariots, weapons, and armor that were used in war. One such ancient weapon is still used in India, which has a special feature that is similar to the weapons of ancient Ramayana.

In ancient Hindu times, powerful weapons existed that were so powerful that they had more destructive power than even advanced nuclear weapons. There existed weapons capable of annihilating the entirety of the universe. There was a special thing about the weapon of Ramayana. You must have seen that in Ramayana if any warrior threw the weapon, it would come back after throwing it. A similar weapon is still present and used in Tamil Nadu. The name of this weapon is ‘Valari’.

Valari is a weapon that returns when thrown and is mainly used by the Tamil people of the Indian subcontinent. Valari is used for protecting cattle from predators, warfare, and hunting. It was the preferred weapon in deer hunting. It predates the Australian wooden boomerang and has been widely used in India since the Upper Palaeolithic, especially for warfare by kingdoms in the Deccan plains and possibly present-day Madurai in Tamil Nadu. , by the kings of Tirunelveli and Ramanathapuram. The history of Valari is rooted in ancient times and literary evidence can be found in the Tamil Sangam “Purananuru”.

Like the hunting boomerangs of Australian aborigines, some valari also return to the thrower. Returning boomerangs used for sport have special aerodynamics to enable return, but hunting boomerangs are designed to fly straight or slightly curved to strike the target. Valaris come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The usual form consists of two limbs set at an angle; One thin and tapered, the other rounded to form a handle. Valaris are usually made of cast iron, although some may have wooden limbs made of iron or deadly sharp edges.

A video has been seen on social media in which a young man is using a Valari weapon, he throws it and then the weapon itself comes to him.

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