Story of Amit Kumar Das, the pride of Bihar

It ain’t an easy thing to escalate to greatness from humble beginnings as on your way you might have to suffer a lot of consequences, some unforgettably horrendous experiences and innumerable sleepless nights.

Picture Source: India Today

Amit Kumar Das of Bihar always wanted to become an Engineer and to pursue this dream of his, he left his home and approached a computer institution but he was denied an admission due to his poor communication skills. All he had in his hand was Rs. 250/-, but he was always confident he could do something big with his life.

He moved then to Delhi and pursued a BA Course in Delhi University. He was absolutely loving the city and its richness but the expenses were too high and above his affordability. Since he was being rejected at every place due to his poor communication skills, there was no way else but to go and learn English.

To get over his weakness, he decided to work hard in around 3 months, he took some proper coaching to improve his English speaking skills. Amit later joined the same computer institution as a worker which rejected him and he used to earn Rs. 500/- per month.

After years of hardwork, he finally decided to launch his own company by the name “ISOFT”. He initially failed to pay the rents of his office and house on time, but he kept facing all the adversities and challenges bravely.

In 2006 came a turning point for his software company, when Amit Kumar visited a software fair in Sydney, which eventually led to him launching his office in Sydney. This gave his comapny a lot of exposure and within few years, ISOFT became an MNC and he had become incredibly successful.

Despite of earning thousands of Crores in his life time, he doesn’t want to forget his roots and he decided to spend a whopping Rs. 150 Crore to set up an engineering college in his hometown of Araria district of Bihar and he also promised has also promised to gift a world class hospital out there in the time to come.

Against all the odds, he managed to build his own legacy and a great name for himself in the society. He is one of those examples of great personalities who started with nothing and became something really special. As they say “If you’re born poor, its not your mistake. If you die poor, its your mistake.”

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